There Is No Reason (monojo Remix)

monojo / Spielman In Bad Company

Record Details


„There Is No Reason“ is a huge EDM anthem with some debts to house music and a sampled guitar riff that brings a touch of the organic to the mix. It quickly becomes clear that this remix would have no reason to hide at an Ibiza party and feels at home in any EDM playlist. The perfectly pitched dramaturgy of the live and sampled vocals complete the picture, a catalyst for the feeling of nostalgia and melancholy.

„My heart is still beating, in my inner core, here, tonight.“
– „There Is No Reason“, monojo x SIBC

„There Is No Reason“ is part of the remix album „Sweet Tracks for Reanimation“ which is being released as a series on Urban Tree Music. The album „Sweet Songs For The Dying“ by his band Spielman In Bad Company (SIBC) served as the basis for monojo’s excursion into electronic spheres.