Ark Noir — Tunnel Visions

Ark Noir

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…it is an exceedingly approachable mix of mostly jazz complexity, club basses and electronics. It is reminiscent in its constant turmoil of Miles Davis’ sinister Dark-Magus-era, yet originally dimmed to apocalyptic ambient moments with moaning, alienated saxophone, underlaid with precipitous four-to-the-floor-beats or stretched out to a spherical, rainy trap-cave with vocals…

Rolling Stone Magazin (Germany), 4 of 5 stars – July 2019

…for the rhythms on their trip through the tunnel, without time or destination or future, saxophonist Moritz Stahl and bassist Robin Jermer were inspired by slightly psychedelic-tinted sounds from the dance floor. This is the dance of the apocalypse… Ark Noir is thus in every listening-regard an adventure… Here is a young working band, breaking away to conquer new frontiers. And wherever the tunnel ends, the longed-for light just might still be somewhere in the music itself.

NDR Jazz Album of the Week – July 15th, 2019

With the puzzling band name that reminds you of a futuristic spaceship, the young Munich band-collective around drummer Marco Dufner wanted to create a symbol for their driving, somber musical world. But the quintet Ark Noir doesn’t let itself be reduced to science fiction alone; much more, the musicians with their harshly rhythmic fusion are quite anchored in the present day.

Jazz thing – June-August 2019

…while one could certainly connect these songs roughly to the genre of electronic music in the sense of contemporary artists like Niels Frahm, these musicians’ jazz blood wins the upper hand, so that “Tunnel Visions” is the enthralling result of an as yet open search for the junctures of rather disparate genres.

Eclipsed, 8 of 10 stars – July-August 2019

Tunnel Visions is the debut title of the Munich Electro-Jazz-Band, and menacing, compelling, and eerie is the sound of the album. And nevertheless it exudes charisma and charm.

Bayerische Rundfunk 24 // kulturWelt – June 29th, 2019