Angel In The Storm (monojo Remix)

monojo / Spielman In Bad Company

Record Details


A majestic brass intro, an urgent bassline, glittering melodic fragments and snapping snares all build together to the beat of „Angel In The Storm“. The result is an atmospherically dense piece of music which retains a strong sense of time and space for the throaty vocals of SIBC singer Ron Spielman.

„Let me live my life on the wings of an angel in the storm.“
– „Angel in the storm“, monojo x SIBC

„Angel In The Storm“ is part of the remix album „Sweet Tracks for Reanimation“ which is being released as a series on Urban Tree Music. The album „Sweet Songs For The Dying“ by his band Spielman In Bad Company (SIBC) served as the basis for monojo’s excursion into electronic spheres.