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MUFK One by MUFK_abstract fiction soul_berlin/kanin

Desire and possession, passion and emptiness, dreams and traumas, hope and devotion: MUFK. To finally arrive and to immediately move on – because you are filled with longing.
Monojo and Frau Krusche know where they are moving throughout their debut album, far away from genre clichés, playfully picking and choosing from the entire musical buffet. The brash pop-music of the big city with all its glitches and detuned synths is defined anew through abstract-futuristic beats which meet with the contrasting depths of the soul. Dubstep basses under your feet and the blue sky in your head.

Transforming the old with gripping power into the new, futuristic, path breaking: that is what the album stands for – pure dope for the soul! And all that without categories. The intricate electronic compositions of Monojo and the disturbingly beautiful texts of Frau Krusche sought and found themselves in the green surroundings of Berlin. Here the creative duo realized a dream and built an oasis for living and working; here they produced the MUFK album.

Monojo, Joh Weisgerber, bass player of The Ruffcats (Flo Mega, Ivy Quainoo,..), runs his own recording studio. Since his childhood this sound-freak has been at his happiest passing his time in crowded studios, surrounded by multiple electronic and acoustic musical toys – his collection grows steadily. His most loyal companions have been his Akai MPC 2000 and his many basses along with his sound archive, which he has been assembling for more than 20 years. He spends every free second of his working day in the studio creating beats with devotion. In MUFK the yearning sound-worlds glimpse the light of the world and simultaneously electrify every dance muscle.

Frau Krusches texts are apathetically poetic, her favorite creations are “beautiful nightmares with glittery rain” – those who don’t trust the contradiction must convince themselves by take the step into the MUFK universe. Frau Krusche defines herself as a singer as a “modern storyteller, who in the best case opens a door for the listeners to enter into themselves.” Her passion is directed equally towards the texts of her songs and towards singing. The most important tools for her are pictorial language, an uncontrived presence, and a sure feeling for the right idea. In the process of writing she often finds herself reminded of childhood experiences telling stories through songs lasting for hours, songs which she sang as if they were mantras. This effect lends the songs their pull on the listeners: “In the end it’s a little tic which moves you somewhere deep inside, and from then on you can’t live without the song.”

Last but not least, MUFK’s “One” comes with a refreshing remix: Monojo and Frau Krusche have taken the song “Odd Stones” off the Ruffcats’ debut album, “The Essence Vol. 1” and translated it into Mufkish.

monojo: Electronic, Mix, Production
Frau Krusche: Vocals & Flowers


5. Dezember 2016

Dyse-Andre, Rotor-Tim, Alligatoah-Onkel, Ruffcats-Joh. Da geht ja was und da kommt noch was!!…

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Spielman in Bad Company

5. Dezember 2016

Als Bassist und Produzent und Fan in einem präsentiere ich hiermit mein neues…